FT Campbell Military Homecoming Photos, Clarksville, TN Military Photographer , Clarksville Family Photographer

I do not think that words can describe the feelings and emotions these photos depict… A sweet momma with her 2 boys awaiting the homecoming of her husband, their daddy, and a soldier.

We met at 12:30 am and started our evening excitedly with a large latte! The smiles beaming from their faces couldn’t hide the anticipation they felt. We were all awake. Very awake! These kids were absolute troopers. Not once did they cry, or fall asleep, or even complain about the fact that it was the middle of the night while waiting for their Daddy. They only repeated the word “Daddy” again and again. We waited and waited… Finally we went outside. We watched the plane land and listened while the crowd cheered. We ran back to the hanger to wait for the moment the troop would be released to finally hug their loved ones. We yelled “Open those doors!!” and watched the troop march in … and finally… finally… watched them be released to their families. The tears and long embraces made for perfect photos! What an amazing thing to experience and what gratitude it makes me feel for those that serve our country. Thank you to the entire Hillis family for your sacrifice and service for this country.